Steal the Look - Dress Like Sarah Cameron from Outer Banks - Elemental Spot (2024)

Add a touch of cinematic magic to your wardrobe with our roundup of daring and hip movie-inspired outfits. We’ll show you how to dress like Sarah Cameron from Outer Banks with our selection of chic and stylish pieces. Slip them on and step into the spotlight like a star with these iconic looks from Outer Banks.

When Outer Banks (2020 – Present) sailed on to Netflix in April 2020 the world was in desperate need of the escapism that it brought. Watching one episode after another, full of sun-kissed skin, salty hair and the perfect summer beach wardrobes gave us all hope for life after lockdown. Plus who didn’t want to be Sarah Cameron. With her family’s money, her handsome boyfriend John B. and her flawless Sarah Cameron Outer Banks outfit she is the envy of every teen fashionista, and rightfully so.

Set in the Outer Banks of South Carolina, also known as OBX, the Netflix smash hit follows the conflict between the Kook’s and the Pogues. One the wealthy seasonal residents, who can afford to have it all, the other the local working-class who have nothing.

A popular, quick witted and kind hearted girl, Sarah looks like she has it all under control and could have anything she wants as a wealthy Kook. But her false confidence is only to hide her insecurities and vulnerabilities, often caused by her family.

Nicknamed the Kook Princess Sarah Cameron, raised on Figure Eight island, is the daughter of the wealthy self-made entrepreneur Ward Cameron. But when she falls in love with the leader of the Pogues, John B. she might just have to choose where her loyalties lie, with her family or with her friends.

A Kook Princess: Studying The Sarah Cameron Outer Banks Outfit

Before we look at how to steal the perfect Sarah Cameron Outer Banks outfit, first we need to find out how costume designer Emmie Holmes created the easy-going and fun-loving princess of the Kooks wardrobe of beach-ready pieces.

With the on-going conflict between the wealthy and poor, the Kooks and Pogues, it is no surprise that the costume department has chosen to lean towards an innocent girl next door vibe for the Sarah Cameron Outer Banks outfit. Similar to how Layla Keating, also the daughter of a wealthy father, is styled in All American.

Favoring a more neutral color palette and dainty prints, like florals, gingham and stripes, to fit in with her Kook lifestyle. It is the added little pops of color where we see Sarah, played by Madelyn Cline, show off her rebellious side that eventually sees her become one of the Pogues.

Shades of yellow and green, along with bright blues and reds have been mixed with her more subtle whites, grays and lilacs to create her effortless style. With a little bit of everything in her closet from floral dresses to jeans, and knitted cardigans to tank tops. Although Sarah is most comfortable when she is in her denim shorts, crop tops and bikinis.

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But as the seasons go on and Sarah has less access to her closet full of her cute beach-ready pieces, she starts to create looks with clothes she borrows from Kiara and John B. Giving the character a more natural transition into the Pogue world, and away from her sweet and innocent wealthy girl style. While giving us the picture perfect boyfriend shirt stealing moment.

Sarah Cameron’s Hair and Accessories

Sarah’s naturally dark blond hair is one of her character’s defining features, and works well with her beachy-ready image. Worn long and loose around her shoulders, she likes to wear her typically straight hair parted in the center and left down. Rarely styling it into any fancy up-do’s, not even a simple ponytail.

Just like her hair when it comes to make-up Sarah likes to keep it simple and modest. Choosing not to wear anything more than lip gloss or a little bit of mascara to enhance her natural beauty. In a similar way to a lot of the Outer Banks characters including her best friend Kiara (learn more about her fashion style here)

Instead a Sarah Cameron Outer Banks outfit relies on her accessories to style her looks, particularly her bicycle with its cute wicker basket that she uses to get around OBX. Or her selection of jewelry she is rarely seen without.

Steal the Look - Dress Like Sarah Cameron from Outer Banks - Elemental Spot (7)

Earrings, bracelets and shell necklaces always make an appearance in Sarah’s looks, but there are three pieces in particular that she returns to over and over again. Those being her dainty star choker, her S for Sarah initial necklace and her favorite chain with the soda can tab on it. All in gold and mixed and matched on top of each other to give a subtle layered look.

Easy-Going and Beach-Ready: Steal Sarah Cameron’s Bikini and Jean Shorts Outfit

The Sarah Cameron Outer Banks outfit featured in our collage above is a typical beach-ready look for our Kook princess. One of her more easy-going outfits, it is made up of a number of separate pieces that could be mixed and matched to create a lot of Sarah’s looks.

Steal the Look - Dress Like Sarah Cameron from Outer Banks - Elemental Spot (8)

But unlike most of her outfits this one is less about that girl next door feel than her usual looks, with no dainty prints or soft delicate fabrics. Instead this is a more grown up look for Sarah, while still sticking to a very neutral color palette of whites and blues.

Recreating The Sarah Cameron Outer Banks Outfit

This Sarah Cameron Outer Banks outfit gets its easy-going feel from the pairing of a simple classic white bikini top with some of her usual denim jean shorts. White and silver glitter sneakers, sticking to her pale color palette, gives a nod to her youthful and innocent side with the whimsy of glitter as an adult.

Like most of Sarah’s looks, her long dark blond hair is loose and down falling around her shoulders, but this time she has added a pale blue baseball cap. Using it to accessorize her blond locks and keep them out of her face. Which has been left natural except for a splash of rosy pink on her lips from some gloss.

A white canvas tote bag over her shoulder along with a couple of layered necklaces, including her favorite soda can tab on a chain which she regularly wears, finishes Sarah’s look perfectly.

If this Sarah Outer Banks outfit is exactly what you were looking for to add into your closet, then why not check out our guide on how to steal her little sister Wheezies similar look of youthful innocence.

As a seasoned fashion enthusiast with a keen eye for style and a deep understanding of the fashion world, I am excited to delve into the intricacies of Sarah Cameron's iconic outfits from Outer Banks. My extensive knowledge in fashion, combined with a passion for cinematic wardrobes, allows me to provide valuable insights into the elements that make Sarah's style stand out.

Let's begin by examining the key components of the Sarah Cameron Outer Banks outfit mentioned in the article:

  1. White and Silver Glitter Sneaker Shoes: These shoes add a whimsical touch to Sarah's look, reflecting her youthful and innocent side. The silver glitter details bring a playful element to the overall ensemble.

  2. White Bikini Top Adjustable Swimsuit: A staple in Sarah's beach-ready wardrobe, the white bikini top contributes to the easy-going vibe of her outfits, highlighting her carefree and sun-kissed image.

  3. North Carolina Adjustable Baseball Cap: The pale blue baseball cap not only accessorizes Sarah's blond locks but also serves a functional purpose in keeping her hair out of her face. It adds a sporty and casual element to her look.

  4. Women’s Raw Hem Distressed Jean Shorts: Denim shorts are a signature piece in Sarah's wardrobe, emphasizing her laid-back style. The distressed details and raw hem give her outfits a relaxed and effortless feel.

  5. Silver Can Tab Layered Necklace: Sarah's choice of layered necklaces, including the distinctive silver can tab on a chain, adds a touch of rebelliousness to her otherwise neutral and beach-ready outfits.

  6. White Canvas Tote Bag: The white canvas tote bag is a practical accessory that complements Sarah's easy-going style. It's both functional and stylish, showcasing her preference for simple yet fashionable pieces.

  7. Rimmel Lip Gloss in Blushing Belgraves: Sarah's makeup is understated, with a preference for simplicity. The Rimmel lip gloss in Blushing Belgraves adds a hint of rosy pink to her lips, enhancing her natural beauty.

Sarah Cameron's style in Outer Banks is characterized by a blend of beach-ready casualness and Kook sophistication. The costume designer, Emmie Holmes, strategically incorporates a neutral color palette, dainty prints, and subtle pops of color to create the perfect wardrobe for this Kook princess. As the series progresses, Sarah's transition into the Pogue world is reflected in her evolving fashion choices, showcasing a more natural and laid-back style.

In addition to clothing, Sarah's accessories play a crucial role in defining her look. Her long, naturally blond hair is left loose, and she opts for minimal makeup, letting her accessories take center stage. Notable pieces include initial necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and her favorite layered necklaces, all in gold.

Overall, stealing Sarah Cameron's Outer Banks outfit involves embracing a mix of casual beachwear, denim essentials, and carefully curated accessories. This look is not just about the individual pieces but also about capturing the essence of Sarah's character – a confident yet vulnerable Kook princess navigating the complexities of the Outer Banks world.

Steal the Look - Dress Like Sarah Cameron from Outer Banks - Elemental Spot (2024)


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