Steal the Look - Dress Like JJ Maybanks from Outer Banks - Elemental Spot (2024)

Add a touch of cinematic magic to your wardrobe with our roundup of daring and hip movie-inspired outfits. We’ll show you how to dress like JJ Maybanks from Outer Banks with our selection of chic and stylish pieces. Slip them on and step into the spotlight like a star with these iconic looks from Outer Banks.

In April 2020 when Netflix released Outer Banks (2020) we were all in desperate need of the sunny escapism the show offered. Quickly becoming everyone’s favorite binge watch with its endless summer days, murder mysteries and treasure hunting, the cultural phenomenon also had the perfect beach-ready wardrobe. With each character having their own fandom, is it any wonder we were drawn in by the blond troublemaker in his perfect JJ Maybank Outer Banks outfit.

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With the story’s plot centered around the conflict between the Kooks and The Pogues in the Outer Banks of South Carolina, or OBX, it is no wonder that resentment plays a big part in every Pogues life. The rich-poor divide splits the island in two with the wealthy seasonal residents, who can afford anything they want on one side and the local working-class who have nothing on the other.

JJ Maybank, is as local working-class as they come. Born a Pogue and raised a Pogue, he is described as the “latest in a long line of fishing, drinking, smuggling, vendetta-holding salt-lifers who made their living off the water.”

But after a life of physical and mental abuse at the hands of his drunk, drug addicted father, who JJ desperately wants to love him, he has quite a short temper and feisty attitude. Known for his violent outbursts and dangerous plans, the Pogue for life can get his friends in some serious trouble, especially when he doesn’t think things through before he acts.

The Trouble Making Pogue: Studying the JJ Maybank Outer Banks Outfit

Before we can look at how to steal the young Pogue JJ Maybank Outer Banks outfit, first we need to study how costume designer Emmie Holmes created a wardrobe to reflect the brave and loyal loose cannon of the show.

With his on-going troubled home life along with his violent outbursts and impulsive attitude, it is no surprise that the costume department has chosen to lean towards a darker and moodier color palette to represent the JJ Maybank Outer Banks outfit. In a similar way to how Klaus Mikaelson’s dark and dangerous nature is emphasized by his brooding looks in The Originals.
But for JJ, portrayed in Outer Banks by Rudy Pankow, the loyal till the end Pogue favors a more earthy color palette staying away from bold prints or wholesome graphics. Most of his wardrobe consists of moody blacks, slate grays, dark browns and khaki greens, with just a few added pops of some lighter whites and grays.

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However, still looking for that laid back effortless coastal style to reflect his love of surfing, sailing and life in OBX just like his best friend John B, JJ has a wardrobe full of simple casual clothes.

With endless pairs of cargo shorts and jeans to pair with basic tank tops and t-shirts, he often throws on a cotton jacket, denim shirt or even some overalls to reflect the changing seasons and situations the gang encounter.

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With his easy-going wardrobe of simple clothes to make up all of his JJ Maybank Outer Banks outfits, the pieces are old and worn. His broken down work boots that are falling apart, and his faded ‘Coors’ graphic tanks, represent his hardworking life as a penniless Pogue with a troubled father who couldn’t keep a job.

Bruises, Unkempt Hair and Lots of Bracelets: The JJ Maybank Styling

Rather than JJ’s naturally blond hair being one of his character’s defining features, you are more likely to recognise him from his bruised and cut face.

The result of many fights, the black and purple shiners contrast well with his shaggy blond hair that he never bothers styling, other than to run his fingers through. Perfect tousled with a cap on or damp straight out the sea, the unkempt style is exactly what he is going for.

Although no JJ Maybank Outer Banks outfit would be complete without his selection of surf friendly jewelry. From chunky silver rings on his fingers, to his shark tooth around his neck, as well as his many bracelets that he wears religiously.

With strings of beads and stones to woven friendship bracelets or leather straps, JJ’s outfits always include his arms adorned with stacks of them. Gathered no doubt through his life and from his friends, they likely hold more in sentimental value than they ever did in any monetary terms.

The Understated Surfer Look: Steal JJ Maybanks Cargo Shorts and Muscle Top Outfit

The JJ Maybank Outer Banks outfit featured in our collage above, is a typical look for our troubled Pogue. Made up of dark and moody colors, the pieces are simple and casual with an understated beach vibe to them.

Like most of his outfits this one has that relaxed laid back surfer appearance that JJ’s looks are so well known for. Without him having to change his aesthetic and go for a bright Hawaiian shirt or bold patterned board shorts.

Recreating the JJ Maybank Outer Banks Outfit

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Instead, staying with his darker color palette and easy pieces that can be mixed and matched, start with a pair of gray men’s cargo shorts, with plenty of extra pockets. Add in a navy blue round neck muscle top, before pairing them both with some classic black work boots from a brand like Timberland.

As expected his shaggy textured blond hair is left unstyled with its tousled easy-going beach vibe, created by pulling his fingers through it. Before he then hides it under a thrown-on khaki baseball cap, and goes on to finish his look with his favored jewelry.

Less an accessory than an outfit staple, he puts on his shark tooth necklace, maybe a couple of chunky silver rings and without a doubt an assortment of bracelets. Something like a Tiger’s Eye or volcanic beaded bracelet, would work great with the dark colors of his outfit.

This might be the perfect JJ Maybank Outer Banks outfit to steal if you don’t want anything too bold or bright, with its muted tones hinting at a darker, more dangerous streak. But if you were looking for something that doesn’t scream trouble-maker, how about stealing the smartest of the Pogues Pope’s typical American teen look.

I'm an avid enthusiast with a deep understanding of fashion and costume design, especially within the context of film and television. My expertise extends to the meticulous details that go into crafting iconic looks for characters, and I have a keen eye for analyzing how costume choices contribute to character development. Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article about JJ Maybank's Outer Banks outfit.

  1. JJ Maybank's Character Background:

    • JJ Maybank is a local working-class character in the Outer Banks series, specifically a Pogue, with a background steeped in fishing, drinking, smuggling, and vendettas. His personality is shaped by a history of physical and mental abuse from his troubled father, resulting in a short temper and a feisty attitude.
  2. Netflix's Outer Banks (2020):

    • The article references the release of Outer Banks on Netflix in April 2020, emphasizing the show's popularity and its role in providing sunny escapism with a plot involving murder mysteries and treasure hunting in the Outer Banks of South Carolina.
  3. Conflict Between Kooks and The Pogues:

    • The central conflict in Outer Banks revolves around the division between the wealthy seasonal residents (Kooks) and the local working-class (The Pogues) on the island, highlighting the rich-poor divide and the resentment that influences the lives of Pogues like JJ Maybank.
  4. JJ Maybank's Wardrobe Palette:

    • Costume designer Emmie Holmes opts for a darker and moodier color palette to represent JJ Maybank's character. The wardrobe consists mainly of moody blacks, slate grays, dark browns, and khaki greens, with occasional pops of lighter whites and grays to maintain a laid-back coastal style.
  5. Clothing Items in JJ Maybank's Wardrobe:

    • JJ's wardrobe is described as simple and casual, featuring items like cargo shorts, jeans, basic tank tops, and t-shirts. He often complements these with cotton jackets, denim shirts, or overalls based on the changing seasons and situations encountered by the characters in the show.
  6. Styling Elements and Characteristics:

    • JJ's styling includes camo cargo shorts, denim shirts, duck shirt jackets, and Red Wing T-shirts. His outfits are intentionally old and worn, reflecting his hardworking life as a penniless Pogue with a troubled father. His physical appearance includes bruised and cut features, unkempt blond hair, and a preference for surf-friendly jewelry.
  7. Surf-Friendly Jewelry:

    • JJ Maybank's signature look includes surf-friendly jewelry such as chunky silver rings, a shark tooth necklace, and multiple bracelets made of beads, stones, woven friendship bracelets, or leather straps. These accessories are not just fashion statements but likely hold sentimental value.
  8. Outfit Recreation:

    • The article provides a guide on how to recreate JJ Maybank's Outer Banks outfit, emphasizing the dark and moody color palette, relaxed surfer appearance, and the inclusion of staple accessories like the shark tooth necklace and bracelets.

By combining these elements, the article effectively captures the essence of JJ Maybank's character and provides a comprehensive guide for enthusiasts looking to emulate his distinctive Outer Banks style.

Steal the Look - Dress Like JJ Maybanks from Outer Banks - Elemental Spot (2024)


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