The Best Point Guard Build in NBA 2K24 (2024)

In my opinion, the point guard is the most entertaining position in NBA 2K24. You are designated to handle the ball most of the time, giving you much flexibility on what you can do on the court.

You can have an array of archetypes for the position. Point guards can be exceptional at shooting, playmaking, ball handling, slashing, perimeter defending, and even rebounding.

However, you can’t be great at all these aspects simultaneously. You have to choose what kind of point guard you will be, which is why archetypes exist.

In this guide, we’ll give you multiple point guard builds designed to be great at specific areas of the game and, more importantly, fit your playstyle.

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Sharpshooter Build

The Best Point Guard Build in NBA 2K24 (1)

This build requires you to be 6’0 tall, weigh 175 lbs, and have a wingspan of 6’4. Increasing any of these will lower your shooting ability and increase other attributes not meant for the build.

You’ll be similar to players like Stephen Curry, Trae Young, and Damian Lillard with these attributes. These players are absolutely deadly from three, can create their own shot, and can pass the ball exceptionally well.

The Best Point Guard Build in NBA 2K24 (2)
Close Shot68
Driving Layup66
Driving Dunk0
Standing Dunk0
Post Control0
Mid-Range Shot98
Three-Point Shot96
Free Throw84
Pass Accuracy85
Ball Handle86
Speed With Ball84
Interior Defense0
Perimeter Defense59
Offensive Rebound0
Defensive Rebound26

For your attribute allocation, you want to max out your mid-range and three-point shots as much as possible. It is up to you if you want to lower it a bit because going from 90-99 takes a lot of points from your potential cap.

Speed is also important for the build because creating your own shots will be difficult. Your height, strength, and wingspan are all against you, and you’ll basically be a mismatch to most guards out there.

With high speed and acceleration attributes, you’ll get the Hyperdrive badge that helps you create your own shots.

Make sure to get your ball handle to at least 86 and two playmaking stats to 80+. This allows you to get a few S-tier Hall of Fame badges that’ll be important for the build.

Noteworthy badges include Blinders and Deadeye, which increase the accuracy of your shots when covered.

Two-Way Slasher Build

The Best Point Guard Build in NBA 2K24 (3)

For this slasher build, we are focusing on two aspects – finishing and playmaking. You need to be 6’5, 204 lbs, and have a 6’10 wingspan.

This size and length will help you finish a lot more consistently at the rim against taller defenders. Once you have the defense clamping on you when you drive to the paint, you have the ability to kick the ball out to the open teammate.

This is why finishing and playmaking is a good “two-way” combination for the build. These attributes also make you a premier defender. Since your size, strength, and athleticism are already high, we might as well capitalize on improving your defense.

Your biggest weakness is that your shooting is terrible. We’ll give you another combo guard alternative later.

The Best Point Guard Build in NBA 2K24 (4)
Close Shot55
Driving Layup80
Driving Dunk86
Standing Dunk31
Post Control0
Mid-Range Shot35
Three-Point Shot0
Free Throw60
Pass Accuracy75
Ball Handle86
Speed With Ball88
Interior Defense34
Perimeter Defense93
Offensive Rebound62
Defensive Rebound70

We need to set your driving dunk and layup attributes high so you can be effective immediately while progressing to a 99 rating.

Ignore most of the shooting attributes and focus on your ball handling and speed. You want to prioritize speed with the ball and speed for your physicals. These are extremely important to blow past your defenders consistently.

After improving on these attributes, we are going to work on your passing. The ability to pass the ball to the open teammate gets harder when a defender hits you.

When you consistently drive to the paint, you’ll be experiencing a lot of physicality. If you try to pass the ball while being bumped or in the air, you’ll commit many turnovers if you don’t improve your playmaking.

After improving your playmaking, you can move on to your perimeter defense. It is easier to cap out on these defensive stats since your player is built to overcome physicality.

However, the alternative path for the build starts here. Instead of improving your defense, you can allocate some points to your shooting.

So, instead of being a top-tier defender, you’ll be a decent defender with decent shooting.

Playmaking Floor General Build

The Best Point Guard Build in NBA 2K24 (5)

For a playmaking build, the build is a little bit more flexible and straightforward. You want to get your height to 6’2, your weight to 195 lbs, and wingspan to 6’8″.

You can change some of these stats depending on what other aspects you want to improve, such as shooting, finishing, defending, and rebounding.

The physical template is there to give a general idea of an all-around playmaker build. If you want to be a better finisher with great playmaking skills, you can increase your height and wingspan.

The Best Point Guard Build in NBA 2K24 (6)
Close Shot53
Driving Layup70
Driving Dunk0
Standing Dunk0
Post Control0
Mid-Range Shot73
Three-Point Shot70
Free Throw75
Pass Accuracy99
Ball Handle86
Speed With Ball91
Interior Defense0
Perimeter Defense64
Offensive Rebound0
Defensive Rebound27

First of all, we want to increase your driving layup or mid-range shot to 70+. We need to be effective on the floor as we improve our physicals and playmaking ability.

Imagine starting your player, and you are only good at passing. It would be so hard to create plays in a pick-and-roll situation if your player is insanely slow.

After this, gradually increase your acceleration, speed, ball handle, and speed with ball. As you get these attributes to 80+, try to get your pass accuracy to at least 70 as well.

Once you player is generally strong in playmaking without running out of stamina, you can gradually increase any area until you complete the build above.

At this point, you’ll consistently be putting up all-star level numbers. To make this a lot easier to progress, you may want to choose a good team your point guard could fit in. If you already made a choice, you can still request a trade to a team you want.

The Best Point Guard Build in NBA 2K24 (2024)


The Best Point Guard Build in NBA 2K24? ›

NBA 2K24 Best PG Build

What is the best height for a point guard in 2K24? ›

6'6 Meta PG Height

View our Recommended Point Guards and you will notice that they are all 6'6.

What is the best position in the NBA 2K24? ›

Point Guard – This role is the king of the court. They have the best dribbling and passing and can make plays happen. They're also very well versed in shooting at range for three pointers or at mid range. When it comes to defense they are usually adept at trying to steal back the ball and keeping on top of their marks.

What team needs a PG in 2K24? ›

Minnesota Timberwolves

Similar to Toronto, Minnesota needs a point guard. But unlike the Raptors, this squad has a pretty strong identity. Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards, one of the best shooting guards in the game, are scoring machines and Rudy Gobert is a defensive master in the paint.

What takeover is best in 2K24? ›

The best NBA 2K24 takeover perk, however, comes from the Shooting takeover. This takeover comes from scoring and getting assists, naturally, since it is an offensive perk.

Can a point guard be 6 1? ›

Elite (High D1) Point Guard

Height: 6'1" - 6'3"

What's the best build in NBA 2K24? ›

NBA 2K24 Best SF Build

The Small Forward Best build is the best Lockdown build. This build has an 83 standing dunk for easy backdoors when called upon. An 87 mid range rating for access to TMac base and maxed out 3pt rating with max wingspan.

What should I do first in NBA 2K24? ›

Play MyCareer First: Not Just for the Fun of It

You need to play MyCareer first to level your player up and unlock higher levels of badges. If you go straight to the park you will have trouble getting teammates because no one wants to play with an incomplete teammate.

Does position matter in 2K24? ›

Your chosen position determines your player's primary role on the court. For instance, point guards are responsible for ball-handling and playmaking, while centers focus on rebounding and interior defense. Picking a position that aligns with your preferred gameplay style ensures you'll enjoy and excel in your role.

Does height matter in 2K24? ›

The height of your player can impact their performance. Taller players generally have an advantage in rebounding and shot-blocking but might be slower on the court. Conversely, shorter players are usually quicker and better ball handlers but might struggle against taller opponents in the paint.

How tall do point guards have to be? ›

In the NBA, point guards generally range from 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m) to 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m) whereas in the WNBA, point guards are usually 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m) or shorter.

What is the best 2k23 point guard build? ›

Best PG Builds in NBA 2k23
  • 6'8. PG - Defensive Minded.
  • 6'8. PG - Offensive Threat.
  • 6'1. PG - Base Meta.
  • 6'9. PG/SG - Well Rounded.


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