2024 Marketing Design Trends (2024)

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With every new year comes new design trends. While we’re over a month into 2024, we figured it’s as good a time as any to focus on some marketing design trends we expect to take off this year. In 2023 we predicted retro, monochrome, highlights, outlines, and touches of illustration. Some of last year’s trends are likely going to stick around for the long haul (retro, we’re lookin’ at you), but this year, things are going to be a bit different.

Who better than us, an in-house Iterable Brand Designer and Social Media Manager, to share our expertise and look at what design trends brands can expect to show up in future marketing communications?

1. Kitsch

Kitsch has historically been defined as, “Something that appeals to popular or lowbrow taste and is often of poor quality.” First of all, rude. Through the lens of this design trend we’re equating kitsch more to unique, colorful, retro, and tacky (in the best possible way). Going hand-in-hand with the maximalism craze, kitsch captures bold color with unexpected shapes.

2024 Marketing Design Trends (1)

Pinterest Predicts shared the popularity of kitsch in interior design. Source: Pinterest Predicts.

While Pinterest may be predicting kitsch in interior design, it’s safe to assume that this trend will bleed into all forms of design, including marketing communications.

2. Free-Form Photo Cropping

The next trend we expect to see more of is free-form photo cropping. By this, we really mean more organic shapes will be utilized to crop photography. Rather than just the basic square or circle crop we’re all used to seeing, brands will start cropping photos to shapes that more closely align with their overall brand aesthetic.

2024 Marketing Design Trends (2)

Fitbit and Soulcycle use unique shapes to crop the image of the instructor. Source: Really Good Emails.

Take this co-branded email from Fitbit and Soulcycle, for example. Where they could have placed a full width rectangular image, they instead cropped to an organic, rounded shape. This shape adds a bit of interest and, because they cropped the image in a way that breaks the borders of the shape, it adds dimension.

3. Hand-Drawn Illustrations

In what our Social Media Manager, Bri, referred to as “The Graza Effect,” we expect to see a lot more hand-drawn illustrations in emails and other marketing communications. These custom illustrations help develop strong brand identity and individuality. The Graza Effect is named after Graza olive oil, a brand that’s now synonymous with these custom drawings.

2024 Marketing Design Trends (3)

A large part of the Graza olive oil brand is hand-drawn illustrations. Source: Graza.

But, of course, Graza isn’t the only brand utilizing these types of drawings in their marketing messaging. Fishwife, a female-owned tinned fish company uses a similar aesthetic in their branding.

2024 Marketing Design Trends (4)

Fishwife uses small, custom illustrations throughout their marketing collateral. Source: Fishwife.

These illustrations are appealing to brands because they’re completely unique to the individual brand. Gone are the days of stock photos. Custom drawings are in.

4. Diagonal Lines

Another 2024 design trend we expect to see a lot more of is diagonal lines. Adding diagonal lines to designs makes them a bit more interesting. “Diagonal lines have the most capacity to lead the eye and they tend to make a design or image look more ‘dynamic.’ Since they are neither vertical nor horizontal, diagonal lines can seem unstable, like they are about to fall or they are moving somewhere. Diagonal lines can also show perspective. These lines lead the viewer into the image.”

2024 Marketing Design Trends (5)

Nandos uses diagonal lines to break up the various email sections. Source: Really Good Emails.

In this example from Nando’s, diagonal lines are used to separate the various content modules in the email. In a traditional email you’d see straight lines separating each section, but by including diagonals the email is more interesting.

5. Coquette

We couldn’t not talk about the coquette trend that’s sweeping social media. According to Buzzfeed, “The term ‘coquette’ refers to a ‘woman who flirts,’ but the trend leans more into incorporating playful, romantic, and dainty details into everyday style and decor.” Bows have become synonymous with the coquette trend and we’ve seen this play out on Tiktok—from people putting ribbons in their hair to tying ribbons around food.

2024 Marketing Design Trends (6)

Pinterest Predicts shared the coquette trend of “bow stacking.” Source: Pinterest Predicts.

One trend that Pinterest Predicts called out, in relation to the coquette trend, is “bow stacking.” Basically, this means wearing a bunch of bows either in one’s hair, as part of an outfit, etc. We wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing bows in brands’ marketing communications.

Design Trends for the New Year

As we picked out some of these trends, we started noticing some overarching themes. This year is not about quiet design. Gone are the days of “millennial gray”—brands are learning to embrace bold, bright colors and shapes.

We’re also noticing a desire for individualization. Just as customers expect to be treated like individuals, brands want to be recognized as unique—standing out from competitors. Hand-drawn illustrations really lend themselves to individualized brand identities because they’re truly custom for each brand. Brands are leaning away from downloaded icon packs and creating their own. Iconic, really.

Now’s the time to set your brand apart. Embrace these trends but really make them your own. Use these trends to develop a strong brand identity and keep it consistent throughout all of your marketing communications.

To learn more about creating consistent cross-channel marketing communications, schedule a custom Iterable demo today.

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Nick Jarrett

Nick Jarrett is Senior Brand Designer at Iterable. He has nearly a decade of experience in corporate branding and multimedia design for B2B technology companies. When Nick isn’t taking brands to the next level, he can be found creating custom illustrations, competing in paintball, and playing guitar. He holds a B.A. in Graphic Design from California State University, Fresno.

2024 Marketing Design Trends (8)

Brianna Rubinich

Brianna is the Social Media Manager at Iterable. She is passionate about engaging, educational social media content that leverages both creative in-house content and influencer personalities to drive brand awareness and conversions. Prior to Iterable, Brianna worked closely with brands in the beauty and wellness space on how to utilize both paid and organic content to build a community of raving fans on social media.

2024 Marketing Design Trends (2024)


What is the next big design trend in 2024? ›

3D type, particularly in the form of “bubble text” is sure to be a trend we'll be seeing a lot more of in 2024. As a way to make designs feel playful and joyful, bubble text has been slowly creeping into more and more designs for the past few years and even more so when combined with 3D animation.

What are the trendy shapes in 2024? ›

Geometric Shapes

Geometry and grid designs are more than just the structure; they enhance the hierarchy of design while leaving space for creativity. Stripes and grids in 2024 are transforming into abstract and fluid shapes that look as flexible as your imagination. Likewise, geometric patterns create engaging visuals.

Which type of graphic design is most in demand in 2024? ›

Motion graphics designers are most in-demand at AI companies, the entertainment industry, startups, marketing firms, and creative agencies, digital journalism organizations, e-commerce platforms, and the automotive industry.

What is the logo design trend in 2024? ›

Vibrant Color Palettes and Gradients in Logo Design

The visual dynamism of logo design in 2024 is brilliantly reflected in the adoption of vibrant color palettes and gradients. Color, in the spectrum of design trends, acts as a powerful communicator, imbued with the ability to influence perception and evoke emotions.

What is the color trend for 2024? ›

Meet the colors of 2024

2024's color inspo: The deep blue sea. This year's aquatic-inspired hue draws inspiration from trends like Be Jelly, Blue Beauty and Hot Metals.

What is the color trend in graphic design in 2024? ›

Top color trends 2024

The theme for color choices this year is optimism and stability. With various shades of yellow and blue being the most popular color choices in 2024.

What is Gen Z wearing 2024? ›

Gone are the days of squeezing into skinny jeans and tight tops to achieve a petite silhouette (thank goodness!). Gen Z prefers comfortable and expressive clothing like loose-fitting jeans, crop tops, and oversized pieces.

What will the next big design trend be? ›

High contrast and bold typography

While maximalism and heatmapping might steal the spotlight, 2024 will also see a focus on clarity and accessibility. Designers are increasingly embracing high-contrast color palettes and bold typography to make their work accessible to everyone, especially those with low vision.

What do consumers want in 2024? ›

Consumer Trends for 2024
  • Customer feedback matters.
  • Branding and personality are crucial.
  • 24/7 support is a must.
  • Omnichannel shopping opportunities keep growing.
  • Consumers have more purchasing power.
  • Health and wellness are important buying points.
  • Personalization is expected.
  • Sustainability is on the rise.
Jan 25, 2024

Are gradients outdated 2024? ›

The gradient trend wave has seen a lot of spikes in popularity during these last few years, but in 2024 it's all about experiencing colors, textures, and patterns in an abstract and unconstrained style. Animated gradient color transitions fit exceptionally well in this design trend.

Is graphic design worth it in 2024? ›

The demand for their skills are expected to continue growing. Graphic designers play a very important role in various industries, including advertising, marketing, web design, and multimedia production. Their skills are needed to create visually appealing and effective designs for print and digital media.

What type of designers make the most money? ›

23 high-paying design jobs
  • Creative director.
  • Video game designer.
  • Application developer.
  • Product designer.
  • Demand generation manager.
  • UX designer.
  • Videographer.
  • Front-end web developer.

What is the best color for a logo in 2024? ›

In 2024, as brands and designers lean into bold self-expression and experimentation, some are inspired by traditionally regal hues—rich or “tyrian” purple, bold red, royal blue and gold.

What is the trend in logos in 2025? ›

Geometric logos offer versatility and simplicity, making them popular. By 2025, 65% of logos will incorporate geometric elements.

What is the next big thing in design? ›

3D surrealism. The rise of AI technology and tools has herded in a new graphic design trend. Surrealistic settings, products, and environments are coming in hot as tech in 2024 takes leaps and bounds into the future. These designs have an inflatable, 3D look that feels like it's straight out of the Cyberpunk world.

What do you think the next design trend will be? ›

While maximalism and heatmapping might steal the spotlight, 2024 will also see a focus on clarity and accessibility. Designers are increasingly embracing high-contrast color palettes and bold typography to make their work accessible to everyone, especially those with low vision.

Is Farmhouse Style out for 2024? ›

While farmhouse decor traditionally embraces a cozy and cluttered feel, 2024 will see a rise in modern farmhouse minimalism. This trend blends the simplicity of contemporary design with the warm, inviting nature of the farmhouse style. Think clean lines, neutral color palettes, and carefully curated decor elements.

Is brown furniture coming back 2024? ›

In 2024, design professionals predict a resurgence of the color brown in residential interior design. This trend can be attributed to a cultural shift towards embracing natural and earthy elements in our living spaces.


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